Portable Modular Buildings & Sheds, Metal & Fiberglass Shelters & Blast Resistant Buildings
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Portable Metal Buildings, Industrial Duty Metal Shelters & Modular Sheet Metal Buildings

Industrial Metal Shelters withstand
years of harsh environment service!

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Bebco Industries produces the world's finest Industrial Duty Metal Shelters from interlocking sheet metal.  The unparalleled quality of these structures has been achieved by over twenty years of research, development and quality assurance improvements. Ranging in standard sizes from six feet square to twenty four by sixty feet, our Industrial Metal Shelters are ideally suited for a wide array of petrochemical, aerospace, military and municipal applications, including but not limited to control rooms, analyzer houses, command centers, marshalling and switchgear buildings, pump and pipeline metering houses and countless other applications where a high strength structure is required to endure years of service in the harshest environments imaginable.

Bebco Industrial Metal Shelters are furnished with a steel base, which can be constructed as an open or decked frame. Decked frames are available in a variety of configurations including flat decks, recessed decks for raised flooring systems, open grated decks for pipeline metering and pump or lift stations and sump base configurations which feature a sealed cavity for the containment of chemical spills.

Additional features of Industrial Metal Shelters include doors, windows and awnings for the protection of externally mounted equipment, and can also include interior and exterior lighting, power distribution, raised computer flooring, and suspended ceiling systems, along with heating, ventilation, air conditioning, pressurization, combustible gas detection and fire suppression equipment to make your Industrial Metal Shelter suitable for any location.

Bebco can also customize the interior of your Industrial Metal Shelter with any combination of amenities, including interior walls, lavatories, built in cabinets and workstations, sleeping quarters and any other fixtures required for your application. Best of all, our Industrial Duty Metal Shelters live up to their name and are extremely strong structures, making them ideal for the installation of large and complex equipment such as switchgear, analyzers, and motor control centers.  Please learn more by visiting our Industrial Shelter Accessories Section.

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Portable Metal Buildings, Industrial Duty Metal Shelters & Modular Sheet Metal Buildings
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